In practice, work with a direct center line attack

Use foot work to shift the upper body position to face sideways without taking a step

If done properly, an opening is created from the body shifting

The body has shifted to the side from the center of the attack.

To block, with full body action, the blocking hand is brought up close to the chest and directs the attack, the turning action is the block

A trap can be applied with the open hand

With the continued body twisting, the opposite arm can apply a strike or push to the attacker's elbow. A strong attack will damage the attacker's elbow

By bringing the left hand in front, a arm bar can be applied

Additional techniques can be used to trap or to strike pressure points on the attacker's arm

After the trap, it is possible to strike the chest of the attacker 

Here an attack is made to the attacker's ribs, in combination with an attack to his elbow


Body Shifting to Create Openings:
 When you are "close-in" to your opponent, use body / weight shifting to move your center line out of the angle/ of attack