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Simultaneous Block / Attack: 1 Hand

In Fig 1, the attacker punches with his right hand, simultaneously the defender will push into the elbow of the attacker's arm and deliver a punch to the attacker's face. The block is a glancing action and is not intended to redirect the attacker's punch; it should however give the defender a feel of his power and of the direction of the attack. The defender responds with a body chance movement and twisting of the hips to deliver the counter attack and redirect the attack.

In Fig 2, the attacker punches with his right arm, at the same time the defender will punch along the inside of the attacker's arm. The defender's punch will slightly redirect the attacker's punch so that it will travel away from the attacker.

In Fig 3, the attacker punches with his right arm toward the midsection of the defender. Simultaneously the the defender will sidestep the attacker while he delivers a punch under the arm of the attacker. This counter-punch will glide along the forearm and elbow of the attacker and block the attacker's punch and allow the defender to punch the attacker in the lower mid-section. Take care when practicing this technique, as a quick snap to the attacker's elbow may cause damage.

In Fig 4, the defender uses 2 punches to counter the attack. The attacker's punch glides outside and away from the defender. The defender's action can be very forceful and push into the attacker.