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Body Shifting to Add Power into Your Techniques

To generate power into your technique, you should consider the following:

  1. Proper stance

  2. Speed of the technique

  3. Transfer of body weight into the technique

Proper Stance: There are many different ways to stand when performing a each technique. You should "feel" balanced and have the ability to "recoil" with the technique. In other words, you should not be forced off balance from your own technique. This is the most simplistic explanation. To get the "feel" of this try pushing each other as shown in Fig 1. Here you start with a natural stance and without thinking... you push each other until without thinking you end up in a strong forward stance. See member section for more information.  

Speed of Technique: Speed is most important. There is a separate page in this newsletter that covers ways to increasing the speed in your technique. Basically,

  1. For Punching & Kicking:  You need to be relaxed and flexible;  snap out the technique and then tense the whole body at the proper time. 

  2. For Grappling and Tuite: You need to flow with the opponents movement and then direct or trap for your counter technique.

Transfer of body weight into the technique:To understand the value of weight transfer consider the following: 

  1.  800 lb motorcycle traveling at 60 mph 

  2. 2,500 lb VW bug traveling at 60 mph

  3. 40,000 lb semi truck traveling at 60 mph

  4. 200,000 ton train traveling at 60 mph

Obviously the larger the mass or weight traveling at the same speed has more force.

When punching as shown in Fig 2, try to keep you left fist on the target, then punch with your right arm. With this exercise, only the weight of the punching arm is applied to the technique.   As you try this you will see that the force is limited. You can add speed, but it is hard to increase the force of the technique.

To some degree, most people will automatically add their body weight to their technique.  However, you should maximize your effort to generate the greatest power or force in your technique.  

Ways to transfer of body weight into the technique:

  1. Straight movement; with the technique, toward the technique, away from the technique

  2. Circular movement; with the technique, toward the technique, away from the technique

  3. Twisting movement; great for close-in fighting, trapping, blocking, striking and point techniques

Twisting Movements:In Pictures 5-8,  the attacker is forcing the defender into a corner. Here it would be hard to use straight movement to increase the power of the technique. However by using a twisting action, the block and the counter technique can have more power.

In Pictures 9-12, the attacker is moving into the defender's space with a middle punch, the defender taking a step back and using a twisting motion blocks the attack and counters with a punch. Note here: when the defender takes a step back, his weight is also transferred to the back leg. With the twisting motion, the weight is redirected to the forward leg and adds force into the technique.