Set  up for attack

Right attacks with right punch; left defends with 3 point technique

>Step one of arm bar

Step two of arm bar

Step three of arm bar


Arm Bar technique 1:

Pic 1: Set up, the opponent on the right will need to close the gap and attack with a movement forward. The defender has the option of movement to avoid the attack or stay with the attack and counter

Pic 2: The opponent has step forward and punched with the right hand. The defender has stayed in position and countered with trap and kick to the opponent's left leg. The leg attack off balances the opponent and slows the punch attack.

Pic 3: Step one of arm bar; after the counter kick the defender steps back with the kicking leg. Note that the defender traps the punch with the right hand holding on the bottom of the opponent's wrist and with the left holding the top. 

Pic 4: Step two of the arm bar; the defender uses full body technique to twist the opponent's arm and body forward. This twisting action  sets up the arm bar. Notice that the defender's arms are tight to his chest.

Pic 5: The follow through of the technique, the arm bar is held all of the way to the floor. Pressure is held on the arm in a pushing action toward the shoulder.