Position One

Position Two

Position Three

Position Four

Position Five

Position Six


SIX POSITION DRILL: Increases Movement, Timing, Distance and great for practicing technique:

This drill is good for all ages, skills and can be used with most techniques. The benefits of this drill are to: increase your speed, train for distance, and improve your timing. Proper foot placement is important when working with new techniques. Also walk through a new technique before adding speed.

Position One; Two: Position one and two are for close in techniques. Most strikes are with elbows, knees and hands. Most techniques are to the side of the attack. Some advanced techniques require the counter-attack to be done on the inside of the attack. In the early stages of training, it is better to train on the outside of the attack.

Position Two; Three: Position two and three are used to side step the attack. Most techniques are applied to the outside of the attack, which places you with-in kicking range. Some advanced counter-techniques are applied on the inside of the attack. Practice should be hard and fast with both a shuffle step and a single step in combination with the counter-techniques.

Position Four; Five: Position four and five are diagonal steps away from the attack. In most situations, you are moving diagonally away from a kicking attack. However, in some cases this movement can also be use in a two or three step attack.

Note: The six position drill trains you not to step backwards in defense. The drill helps helps to redirect the attack and keep the attacker off balance.