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Speed Training

The speed in a technique comes from the proper use of your muscles. Many martial artists will try to use more power into the technique by tensing all muscles in the arm or leg. This may feel more powerful, but it is much slower.You need to be relaxed and flexible;  snap out the technique and then tense the whole body at the proper time.

In Fig 1, try using a towel to snap into a practice shield. The snapping motion should produce a loud snap when done with the proper speed and technique. With practice you will see that you need to return the hand with speed in order to produce the loud snap.

In Fig 2, drop the towel and try the same motion as shown in Fig 1. The snapping action should be the same as before. You should first practice the technique to barely touch the blocker; and then focus into the target and tense with contact.

In Fig 3, have a partner create a target with his hands, then practice speed punching. (Fig 4) Try punching for 15 seconds; keep track of how many punches you can do in that time. Keep this as your base measurement and then practice relaxing while you punch. You should be able to increase the number of punches over a period of time.